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Introduction to EBC Learning

At EBC Learning we are focused on helping you excel in law school and equip you with practice-ready skills for professional success. EBC Learning offers a library of on-demand, Self-Paced Courses and Instructor-Led Courses.
The library of Self-Paced Courses is available through individual and institutional subscriptions. Featured as a legal video library, with one subscription you can take any number of courses. By selecting the courses that you want, you can build your path to success or take one of our curated Learning Paths. Courses on EBC Learning are classified as Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Beginner courses are suitable for anyone to take, and they do not require any pre-existing knowledge of the law. This enables learners to begin learning as beginners and then move on to the more advanced courses that require some pre-existing knowledge of the law.

The second kind of course that EBC Learning offers is Instructor-Led Courses. These courses further collegial learning. We follow the flipped classroom methodology, where students learn through live training classes conducted via video conferencing. As part of some Instructor-Led Courses, students also have unlimited access to the course library for the duration of the course. An Instructor-Led Course operates in cohorts, they have a fixed start and end date, and you need to register separately for Instructor-Led Courses.

You can use EBC Learning for different training requirements. Apart from individuals who use EBC Learning for law school and professional success, corporates, law firms, and institutions use EBC Learning to train and equip their workforce. Law schools subscribe to EBC Learning to aid in academic and skill-based training for their students. Institutional subscribers have access to an admin panel. The admin panel enables administrators to create and assign playlists of course videos and monitor student progress.

Updated on: 06/12/2023

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